How to care for Bloom Box?

Freshly selected and cut fresh flowers are put for you in special floristic foam called OASIS.

The floristic sponge is a synthetic material that has a long-lasting ability to absorb water for the preservation of plants. Due to this feature, cut flowers have a fresh appearance much longer than a bouquet placed in a vase with water.

Receiving a Bloom Box, recipient has many questions: how to observe, how to irrigate, and whether it is necessary to extend the freshness as long as possible, how to find the right place?

The flower care box consists of 6 simple rules:

Rule #1. Place the gift in a place protected from the following damaging factors: draft, direct sunlight, heat sources like lamps, heating radiators.

Rule #2. How do I splash flowers in a box? Make sure it is always slightly damp. Watering the flowers is necessary every day or every other day with a small amount of water, using a small watering can or a medical syringe. All the water should be sucked in with a sponge.

Rule #3. How to get rid of excess water if you pour too much? Be sure to empty it!

Rule #4. How to extend compositions for life? Remove fallen petals to prevent the growth of bacteria that adversely affect the flowers.

Rule #5. How do I keep the flowers longer? Water them with a specialized nutrient solution.

Rule #6. During the heating season, when the air in the room is particularly dry, it is allowed to spray the composition from the spray gun. But make sure the buds are free of water as they will start to rot.

But there are other points that are strictly forbidden:

It is forbidden to pull flowers out of an oasis, cut the stems. They disappear quickly from here.

As well as irrigate with cold water. Use set water at room temperature just like watering pot plants.

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